Voyna i mir / War and Peace (1966)

Voyna i mir / War and Peace (1966) online sa prevodom IMDB:
Naziv: Voyna i mir / War and Peace (1966)
Zanr: Drama, Istorijski, Romanticni
Ocena: 7.8
Trajanje: 427 min
Rezija: Sergey Bondarchuk
Uloge: Lyudmila Saveleva, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Sergey Bondarchuk
Opis: A Russian Prince experiences battle against Napoleon and a troubled relationship with his father and wife. Finds acceptance of her death and eventually his chance of true love. A spoiled, high-society fickle young woman loves and her years of unhappiness. A Count illegitimate, idler son reflects on politics and friendship. Experiences his first and hopeless love, is forced into a marriage with serious consequences and finally survives Napoleon invasion of Moscow and its aftermath.
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